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Butter-crusted Red Emperor | Everyday Gourmet

Inspired by Neil Perry, Justine cooks this delicious butter-crusted red emperor dish. The crust helps the fish stay moist in the oven and creates a beautiful crunchy top. Prepare the butter sheet in advance and you'll have a quick everyday gourmet meal in no time.

Pasta Puttanesca Bake | Everyday Gourmet

If you are after a quick, fuss-free meal, look no further than this classic Italian pasta made into a pasta bake.

Country-Style Chicken Stew | Everyday Gourmet

There may be a hundred different ways to making a chicken stew but this hearty and fall-off-the-bones French-style chicken stew recipe is usually prepared at the beginning of spring in France to celebrate the new vegetables.

Calamari and Rocket Salad | Everyday Gourmet

Tender and succulent calamari air-fried to crispy perfection is paired deliciously with rocket tossed in a balsamic and mustard dressing. Thanks to air-frying, enjoy your usual deep-fried favourite with little to no oil and still get it crispy-licious.

Parmesan Crusted Cauliflower | Everyday Gourmet

Feeling snacky? Try this absolutely moreish parmesan crumbed cauliflower on a bed of mango and yoghurt chutney. Quick, crispy and healthy (no oil!), it is the perfect snack or party food that even the kids will love.

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