How to maintain my Cook4me+ lid?

Why doesn’t my Cook4me+ lid close?

Here are some key areas to look out for to find out why the lid is not closing properly:

- Check that the opening handle is in the open position before moving the lid to the closed position (locked padlock icon)
- Check that the nut of the metal lid is quite tight
- Check that the violet ball cap (located on the top of the S/E metal lid) is in the correct locked position with closed lock
- If you are at the end of cooking and you want toclose the lid, wait until the hot vapours have dissipated before closing the lid
- There may be wear, cuts and deformation on theseal. Seal must be changed every three years. If this is the case, bring your appliance to an authorised service centre


Why is steam coming out from the sides of the lid during cooking? Is this normal?

A small amount of steam escaping from the valve (found on top of the lid) when cooking is quite normal. However, steam coming out from the sides of the lid is not. Here are some possible causes and solutions:

- Wear, cuts and deformation of the seal: The seal must be changed every three years at most. Take your appliance to an authorised service centre
- Bowl edges damaged: Take your appliance to an authorised service centre
- The metal lid nut was not screwed enough: Tighten the nut to the metal lid centre correctly
- The seal of the metal lid and/or the edges of the bowl are dirty: Clean the sides of the bowl and seal using a damp cloth. Do not use any sharp instruments


Why is my Cook4me+not coming to pressure?

Pressure cooking uses liquid in the pot to build up pressure so please ensure that there is sufficient liquid in the pot. Check using the instructions that all parts of the internal metal lid are present, properly in place, and clean. Some key areas to check would be the seal, safety valve, manometric rod, decompression ball and that the lid is not locked/not properly aligned to the closed padlock icon. Lastly make sure to clean your appliance by following the instructions in the cleaning maintenance section found on your manual or refer to the above video.

My Cook4me+still holds pressure after the cooking process and I am unable to open the lid. What should I do?

To release the pressure manually, simply stick a toothpick in the tiny hole on the top right side of the lid and the Cook4me+ will manually release the pressure.

Sep 9, 2020
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