My Cook4me+ did not come with a recipe book. How can I get one?

The Cook4me+ comes with built-inrecipes and you can find the link to the recipe list booklet here.
Discover more recipes on the free Cook4me app. To know more about the app, please click here.To download the app on your mobile now, just click here. Or alternatively, you can find it here:

Can I add my own recipes to the machine?

Unfortunately no, that is not possible. However, you can upload your own recipes to the app. To know more about this feature and the recipe creation step-by-step guide, please click here.

Where can I get a copy of the manual / instructions for use?

Here are the links to the manual:
Cook4me+Connect CY8558 Manual
Cook4me+CY8518 CY8515 Manual


What do the error codes mean and how can I troubleshoot?

Code 24: Pressure decreases while pressurecooking
Code 21 and 26: pressure fails to rise

The quantity of water in the tank is insufficient to increase and maintain the pressure throughout the cooking. Stop the ongoing process, open the lid and add a sufficient quantity of water (50-100ml at a time). Restart the recipe or re-heat manually.

If you think you have enough liquid,make sure to give it a good stir and make sure no solid bits are stuck at the bottom of the pot.

Code 20 or 27: unable to open thecover

Your ball cover might be incorrectlyattached. Let the product cool down completely, then remove the metal cover andcheck that the vertical marker on the ball cover is opposite the icon showing alocked padlock.

Code 30

It happens very rarely. Usually linked to a sensor in the lid called CTN. This sensor monitors the temperature. When it is too high it means the pressure is too high and the machine goes to code 30 and stop as a measure of safety. To clear it, please follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Unplug the Cook4Me from the power

2. Whilst the unit is unplugged, press the back arrow

3. While pressing the back arrow, plug the Cook4Me into the power and press the OK button 5 times. Ensure the above is done prior to end the end of the start up music

4. The screen should now display 0000. Using the scroll button, enter 5923 (after each number you need to select OK to confirm selection)

Code 26 or 28: Steam continuously escapes from the valve and error code showing on the screen

Your ball cover might be incorrectly attached. Let the product cool down completely, then remove the metal cover and check that the vertical marker on the ball cover is opposite the icon showing a locked padlock. If the problem persists after this check, take your product to one of our authorised repaire centres.


Where can I find more tips and support to get the best out of my Cook4me+ appliance?

Please visit our Top Tips blog here and/or join the Cook4me+ online community for support, cleaning tips, recipe ideas and inspirations.

To discover the Cook4me+ communities, please click here.

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