Here are some tips on how to better use the appliance, maintenance and technical support.

How to better use my IXEO Power

How to use the smart board?

To use the Smart Board, place your hands on each side of the board, lift it vertically and incline it according to your preference:

How to fill the water tank?

The IXEO tank is removable, for maximum comfort of use. With a one-litre volume, it allows you to do short or long sessions.

How to store the IXEO Power?

With its clean design, IXEO can easily blend into your home.
Equipped with small wheels underneath its base, you can move it effortlessly.
However, if you wish to store the product, it can be lowered to a height of 105cm making it more compact. It can then easily be stored in a dressing room or closet.

How to iron a shirt

How to steam a dress

How to steam a jacket

How to sanitise curtains

How do I change programs?

Successively press the "Steam" button until you reach the desired mode.
• Normal mode: the green light is off.
• Max mode: the green light flashes.
• Min mode: the green light is on steady.
• Boost steam: by double-clicking the steam trigger, few sets of ultra-boost steam can be released for garments that require extra attention to remove the creases.

What water should I use for ironing?

• Tap water:
Your appliance has been designed to function using untreated tap water. If your water is very hard, we recommend you use a max of 50% untreated tap water and 50% distilled water available in most shops.

• Types of water not to use:
Heat concentrates the elements contained in water during evaporation. The types of water listed below may contain organic waste, mineral or chemical elements that can cause spitting, brown staining or premature wear of the appliance: water from clothes dryers, scented or softened water, water from refrigerators, batteries, air conditioners, rain water, boiled, filtered or bottled water. These types of water should not be used in your equipment. Also only use distilled water as advised above.

Always remember:
Never use rainwater or water containing additives (like starch, fragrance or water from domestic appliances). Such additives can affect the steam properties and at high temperature, form deposits in the steam generator chamber which are likely to stain your washing.

Maintenance and Cleaning

How do I remove limescale from my appliance?

This operation should only be performed after the appliance has been unplugged for more than two hours. It could be unsafe to remove the calc-collector cap when the device is not cooled down properly. With the high pressure boiler, it helps to produce strong and consistent steam, and it is critical to only remove the calc-collector cap after the appliance is switched off for more than 2 hours. This allows the pressure of the boiler to decrease to a safe level for releasing the limescale / calcification
To remove limescale from your appliance, please follow the instructions below:

Technical Support

How to assemble my product?

To help you assemble your IXEO, simply follow this video.

Helpful tip: When assembling the board, make sure that the 2 metal masts are correctly orientated.

There is no more steam.

Your product is not plugged in or is not switched on ==> Check that your product is properly connected to a power socket and that the switch is on "I".
The water level in the tank is too low ==> Unplug the appliance and fill the tank.
The pump is unprimed ==> Press and hold the steam button for a few seconds to prime the pump.
The removable tank is not installed correctly ==> Check the correct positioning of the tank on the product. The product is in "Stand-by" mode ==> Press the"On-Off" button and wait until it stops flashing.

The appliance is no longer heating.

Your product is not plugged in or is not switched on ==> Check that your product is properly connected to a power socket and that the switch is on "I".
The product is in "Stand-by" mode ==> Press the "On-Off" button and wait until it stops flashing.

I can see water leaks.

The water tank is not installed correctly or its locking valve is not closed properly ==> Check that the valve is closed and that the tank is installed correctly on the product.

The steam output decreases

Your appliance has limescale, consult the"Descaling" section in the instructions or watch the video on how to remove calc here.

The steam stains clothing/the appliance is spitting water.

You have used descaling chemicals or additives in the water.
Never add such products to the water tank. These contain organic waste or minerals that condense under the influence of heat and cause spitting, brown dripping or premature aging of your device.

What should I do if my appliance is not working?

After following the instructions in the user manual for starting the appliance, make sure that your electrical socket is working by plugging another appliance. If it still does not work, do not try to dismantle or repair the appliance yourself, instead, take it to an approved repair centre or get in touch with our Customer Service team on 1300 307 824 or via our website here.

What should I do if the power cable or the cord guard of my appliance is damaged?

Do not use your appliance. To avoid any danger, have it replaced by an approved repair centre.

Why does my orange light keep flashing after I have just rinsed the boiler?

After rinsing the boiler, you need to press and hold the restart button for about 3 seconds to stop the light flashing.

The appliance is producing steam continuously.

You have pressed the steam trigger 3 times briefly and successively which triggered the"Boost" mode. The steam is then automatically activated for a few seconds.

Where can I buy accessories, spares or consumer goods for my appliance?

For original spareparts and accessories related queries please call our Consumer Service team on1300 307 824 or via our website here.
Selected spare parts and accessories are also available on Tefal Shop Australia.

Where can I find the instructions for use/manual?

You may download the instructions for use here.

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