Chef Adrian's favourite dish and one of the first things learned to cook in the kitchen is this Spaghetti Marinara. Quick and easy gourmet meal cooked in under 10 minutes, this is a great Australian seafood dish to make.

Serves: 4

Time: 10 minutes

Recipe by: Adrian Richardson



1 packetspaghetti

1 shallot

2 cloves garlic

2 tbsp extravirgin olive oil

3 tbsp butter

6 prawns,deveined and shelled

6 scallops

1 filletkingfish, skin removed, cut into chunks

1 filletsalmon, skin removed, cut into chunks

1 cup cherrytomatoes, quartered

Salt &pepper

1 tbsp NoillyPrat (dry vermouth)

1 tbsp whitewine

1 bunch basil,leaves picked

1 bunchparsley, roughly chopped

1 bunch chives,finely sliced



Add the pastato boiling salted water, stir for the first minute so pasta doesn’t sticktogether.


Add oil, garlicand shallots to a cool non-stick pan. Put on medium heat and cook untiltranslucent.


Add butter,seafood, and cherry tomatoes, season with pepper and toss through to cook. Addnoilly prat and white wine and stir through. Add herbs and spaghetti to the panand season with salt and pepper. Toss through the sauce. Season to taste.

This recipe is cooked using Tefal Unlimited Premium Frypan 30cm. To learn more about the product and the Unlimited Premium Non-stick Cookware Range, please click here.

Tefal Unlimited Premium Frypan 30cm
Jun 10, 2020
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