Tefal is renowned as the No. 1 cookware brand in Australia and right around the world - and for good reason. Always at the forefront of innovation, we delight in creating unique and superior technology that will change the way people cook in their homes, while pushing the boundaries of what non-stick cookware can achieve.

We understand that the difference between good cooking results and great ones can depend on the cookware you use. By ensuring we have the most capable and exciting cookware at our fingertips, your gourmet creations are guaranteed to be cooked to perfection.

Not all cookware is created equal, and the guarantee of great cooking results come from a combination of perfect searing, good heat distribution for even cooking and a durable non-stick coating that protects the ingredients from sticking to the pan.  This is the promise you get with the latest generation of Made in France cookware. Tefal have been manufacturing cookware in France for more than 60 years. The longevity and heritage are a testament to the true quality of the Tefal Made in France cookware that is on offer today.

The technology that we develop for our cookware is continually evolving as we strive to create innovations in non-stick coatings and induction bases that are better than ever. Here are some new features to look out for:

New and Improved Thermo-Signal

One of the biggest challenges for most cooks is to know when it is the right time to put ingredients in the pan or when is the pan hot enough for delicious searing. In 2000, we introduced the ground-breaking Thermo-Spot - the first indicator of cooking temperature. With this new generation of cookware in 2021, Tefal makes this part even easier with the improved Thermo-Signal. It features a stronger colour contrast than the previous generation technology, with the entire hourglass design disappearing to become a uniformly red dot in the centre of the pan. The ideal start indicator takes out any guesswork of whether your cookware is hot enough to begin searing. Watch video here.

'Titanium Non-stick 6x Longer' - the toughest non-stick surface yet

When it comes to the performance of non-stick surfaces, there needs to be a perfect balance between glide and resistance. The new technology released this year is the best coating performance we have ever reached. It's the toughest non-stick technology yet, going beyond robust and long-lasting to boast a scratch resistance that is even metal utensil safe and will last 6 times longer than the existing Tefal Titanium Force coating. Watch video here.

Thermo-Fusion Plus induction base - Superior induction technology for better results

When it comes to evenly cooked food, the secret is in the cookware base. Even heat distribution is crucial in achieving the perfect colour and texture in your cooking results. The latest generation of induction cookware features new Thermo-Fusion Plus patented technology that provides improved performance, better heat distribution, faster heating and induction efficiency thanks to the increased size base, as well as improved resistance to corrosion. Watch video here.

Safe Non-stick

We have always had a commitment to offer only safe coatings on all products with )% PFOA, cadmium or lead, so even with this new generation cookware you can be confident that you are cooking with a completely safe product.

Learn more about the new cookware generation.

Aug 27, 2021
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