Let's celebrate our Frenchness

Innovation is our DNA

At the heart of Tefal is innovation. For more than 60 years, we constantly strive to create solutions, products and services that will improve everyday life.


Non-stick Frying pan

Marc Grégoire patents his ‘non-stick frying pan’. His innovative concept is a process for coating an aluminum disc with PTFE. The result is a totally non-stick pan that makes cooking simple and enjoyable.


Durilium Soleplate

Tefal launches its Supergliss steam iron with a
soleplate made of Durilium, a new coating that eliminates scratches, dirt buildup and stickiness.


Ingenio Cookware

Tefal launches “Ingenio”, a range of cookware with an ingenious system of removable handles which facilitates storage. Optimal space-saving, ultimate versatility.


Thermo-spot, Heat Indicator

This heat indicator changes its appearance depending on the temperature of the pan. With this new tool,
cooks can now see when the pan has reached the right temperature.


Smart Appliances

Tefal launches the first cordless iron with autoclean soleplate and a new generation of smart appliances that cook for you such as the Optigrill and Cook4me.

2016 Onwards

Smart Connected Appliances

Tefal will be launching connected products in almost all categories in the coming years. Products designed to make consumers’ lives easier and achieve optimum results.

French expertise, top-notch quality

Discover our proudly made in France products

Meet our made in France products

Pro Express Ultimate

8  Bar Pressure
Kills up to 99% germs & bacteria*
Airglide Soleplate
Double protection system

Ingenio Stackable Cookware

Up to 50% Space saving
Safe Handle Up to 10 kg
Cook, Bake, Serve, Stack
Handle guaranteed 10 years

Character Cookware Range

Titanium Pro Long-Lasting coating
Non-Stick Coating for Easy cleaning
Thermo-Spot, our famous heat indicator
Compatible with All Hobs, incl. Induction

TurboPro Steam Irons

High Steam Pressure
Kills up to 99% germs & bacteria*
Airglide Soleplate
Anti-Calc system

Clipso  Pressure Cookers

Fast Cooking, up to 2 times faster (vs pot)
Easy to use, one-hand opening
Cook Control System, automatic countdown
Safe with a 5-Security system

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Now let's cook French!

France has so much to offer: beautiful cities full of history like Paris or Lyon, amazing landscapes like our Alps or our famous Cote-d'Azur, but without a doubt it's our "cuisine" that sets us apart. So let's head to the kitchen and try out a few of the popular French dishes. Bon Appetit!

French expertise, French quality

Meet our Made in France products

Beef and Red Wine Stew

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Sausage & Ratatouille Stew

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Thumb 3

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Thumb 4

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Thumb 5

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Thumb 6

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Frenchness in action

Check out some of these videos to know more about how our made in France cookware are made
and get inspired to cook up a storm with some delicious recipe videos.

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Discover the different regions in France

France is a diverse country that has so many things to offer. It is home to a vast range of regions and famous world-renowned landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe and Le Louvre. The regions have different attractions from being a winter holiday destination, ports and beaches and a hiking destination. Aside from the natural attractions, France is also known for having a vast culinary heritage and it is no surprise that French gastronomy is quite popular and undeniably one of the best in the world.

Top 10 Must-Try Classic French Food

July is a very special month for us here at Tefal Australia HQ, as we celebrate our proud French heritage, especially our famous cuisine. French cuisine and the amazing produce is one of the main reasons why France is the ultimate destination for food lovers. We have asked some of our team members (French, of course!) their recommendations on the most iconic French food and they happily obliged. So this July join us in celebrating and bring a taste of France to your home with these 10 must-try French dishes.