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Sous Vide Fillet of Beef | Everyday Gourmet

Bring the restaurant home and achieve five-star restaurant-quality cooking and get the perfect doneness thanks to the Home Smart Chef multicooker sous vide function. Great when cooking for a party too as you can prepare it the day before and just sear off when ready to serve.

Chicken Veronique | Everyday Gourmet

Nothing better to end the French month than with a classic French dish with a very pretty name. Chicken Veronique is basically chicken in creamy wine sauce with the addition of white grapes to make it light and refreshing.

Top 10 Must-Try Classic French Food

July is a very special month for us here at Tefal Australia HQ, as we celebrate our proud French heritage, especially our famous cuisine. French cuisine and the amazing produce is one of the main reasons why France is the ultimate destination for food lovers. We have asked some of our team members (French, of course!) their recommendations on the most iconic French food and they happily obliged. So this July join us in celebrating and bring a taste of France to your home with these 10 must-try French dishes.

Ratatouille - Good Chef Bad Chef

Ratatouille is a classic French vegetable stew made of the freshest and most colourful summer vegetables. It is packed with healthy vegetable fats, tasty and simple to cook. It can go as a side dish that can be enjoyed with grilled fish or also great as a main dish paired with some grains. Bon appetit! ‍

Bacon Stuffed French Toast - Good Chef Bad Chef

Get your brunch game on with this uber-indulgent and mouth-watering french toast. French toast is a very iconic breakfast staple and this version is made even better by stuffing it with bacon and cheese! The contrasting flavours of the maple syrup-drenched french toast, the slight tang of the berries and savoury bacon and cheese complement each other well and will definitely make your tastebuds very happy.

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