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Grilled Lamb with Pickled Carrots | Everyday Gourmet

Keep it simple but delicious with this beautifully seared, grilled to perfection dukkah-crusted lamb cutlets. Grilling made easy and fuss-free thanks to the OptiGrill Elite sensor technology and cooking level indicator giving you perfect results, every time.

Event | Easy, Fast and Delicious with Justine Schofield

Join our fantastic Brand Ambassador Justine Schofield in a live online cooking class from Kitchen Warehouse this Sunday, 14th Nov 2020.

Greek Calamari Salad | Everyday Gourmet

Sail away to the beautiful blue waters of the Greece and imagine yourself sitting at a seaside taverna indulging on this beautiful Mediterranean dish. Perfectly cooked marinated calamari tossed with the usual Greek salad mix of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and feta.

Event | Spring Cooking Class with Justine Schofield and Lorena Lys

Join us as Justine and Lorena hosts a live cooking demonstration featuring the latest Tefal products including the new OptiGrill Elite, the Cook4Me+ Connect and the Ingenio Titanium Fusion range of cookware.

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