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Kimchi Stir-fry | Good Chef Bad Chef

Put your Thermo-Signal to the test with this Kimchi stir-fry, packed with only the good stuff, it's fast and nutritious, ticking every box for a weeknight meal.

Green Mac and Cheese | Good Chef Bad Chef

Transform your Mac and Cheese to something equally as tasty but healthier with a few easy swaps.

Lebanese Style Fish with Herb Salad and Tahini Sauce

Pan-fried crispy skin barramundi pair deliciously well with Lebanese spices and fresh herb salad. Simple and delicious, this restaurant-style dish is easily done in 30 minutes making it perfect for busy weeknights.

Swordfish Caesar Salad | Everyday Gourmet

A modern take on everyone's favourite Caesar salad, Justine pairs perfectly seared swordfish with radicchio in this recipe. This hearty and vibrant salad is dressed to impress and makes a great starter or main.

Grilled Lamb with Pickled Carrots | Everyday Gourmet

Keep it simple but delicious with this beautifully seared, grilled to perfection dukkah-crusted lamb cutlets. Grilling made easy and fuss-free thanks to the OptiGrill Elite sensor technology and cooking level indicator giving you perfect results, every time.

Middle Eastern Eggplant and Lamb Stew | Everyday Gourmet

Quick and easy, 10-minute eggplant and lamb stew. Packed with Middle Eastern flavours, this hearty dish is great served with some Lebanese bread or couscous.

Vongole in Trapanese Sauce | Everyday Gourmet

Perfect for summer, this fresh and flavourful Trapanese sauce goes perfectly with clams. It is an excellent alternative to the usual basil-pesto and makes a great pasta sauce too. Make sure to serve with lots of crusty bread to dip into the sauce!

Sous Vide Fillet of Beef | Everyday Gourmet

Bring the restaurant home and achieve five-star restaurant-quality cooking and get the perfect doneness thanks to the Home Smart Chef multicooker sous vide function. Great when cooking for a party too as you can prepare it the day before and just sear off when ready to serve.

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