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Middle Eastern Eggplant and Lamb Stew | Everyday Gourmet

Quick and easy, 10-minute eggplant and lamb stew. Packed with Middle Eastern flavours, this hearty dish is great served with some Lebanese bread or couscous.

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs | Everyday Gourmet

Sweet and sour pork is a classic Chinese dish that most people enjoy at the restaurants and for takeaways. Justine shares with us her melt-in-your-mouth version and fuss-free way to make this tasty dish at home, done in just 40 minutes in the Cook4me+.

Smoked Pulled Pork | Everyday Gourmet

Smoky Texan-style pulled pork is always a crowd favourite. Mouth-wateringly tender and flavourful, this dish cooks in as little as 45 minutes and will be the easiest recipe you'll ever make.

10 Quick and Easy Meals To Try | At Home with Tefal

From one-pot pasta to home-made fish and chips, these recipes are so quick and easy but equally just as delicious.

Mexican Style Pineapple & Pork Stew | Everyday Gourmet

Slow-cooker meat done fast with this Mexican-inspired pork and pineapple stew done in the Tefal Cook4me+. Whip up this sweet and savoury dish on a weekend and you'll easily have some leftovers for your weekday meals. Muy delicioso!

Twice Cooked Whole Cauliflower | Everyday Gourmet

This cauliflower dish is deliciously cheesy and shows that meat-free meals can be rich and hearty too. It is a great meal on its own or fantastic as a side dish for your roasts.

Slow Cooked Beef Ribs Sichuan Style - Good Chef Bad Chef

Beef ribs anyone? That's a yes for use, but those are not your usual ribs! Our friends at Good Chef Bad Chef give you a ticket to the Sichuan region, with these mouth-watering, flavorful slow-cooked Beef ribs.

Top Tips for your Cook4Me+

Even though our Cook4Me+ is probably the easiest multicooker to use on the market today, for newbies it can be a bit challenging to get used to using a pressure cooker. So we gathered a few tips and hints to help you nail your pressure cooked favs in a breeze!

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