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Roti Bread | Everyday Gourmet

Making roti from scratch at home is not as daunting as it sounds. Super easy and delicious, roti is a versatile bread that is an ideal side accompaniment to curries and also great as a dessert or snack topped with some chocolate spread and strawberries!

Mexican Lentil Stew | Everyday Gourmet

This Mexican lentil stew is healthy, hearty, meat-free and packed with flavour. Great for Meatless Monday and for those cooler nights where you want to tuck into a hot bowl of nourishing soup.

Parmesan Crusted Cauliflower | Everyday Gourmet

Feeling snacky? Try this absolutely moreish parmesan crumbed cauliflower on a bed of mango and yoghurt chutney. Quick, crispy and healthy (no oil!), it is the perfect snack or party food that even the kids will love.

Black Rice Pudding | Everyday Gourmet

Topped with fresh mangoes and toasted coconut, this healthy South-East Asian version of rice pudding is perfect for breakfast or dessert. Black rice may not be as common as other types of rice but it actually contains the most antioxidants and nutritional value, even more than brown rice. Gluten and dairy-free, this is absolutely delicious served warm, especially during colder days.

Twice Cooked Whole Cauliflower | Everyday Gourmet

This cauliflower dish is deliciously cheesy and shows that meat-free meals can be rich and hearty too. It is a great meal on its own or fantastic as a side dish for your roasts.

Ginger Fried Greens - Good Chef Bad Chef

One more dish to add to your vegetarian or vegan recipe collection is this Asian-style stir-fry. Highly nutritious and packed with proteins and greens, it is a quick and easy meal to nourish yourself.

Portobello Blue Cheese Mushrooms - Good Chef Bad Chef

Mushrooms are a superfood as it is full of antioxidants and B vitamins. It is hearty, filling and absorbs flavours very well. This mouth-watering vegetarian recipe is jam-packed with flavour and would be a great addition to your meat-free recipe collection.

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