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Roasted Pork with
Sichuan Dipping Sauce

Resist if you can but this air-fried pork belly crackling is the real deal. Minimal prep work, perfectly cooked and incredibly crispy skin plus a sauce that packs a punch.

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Eggplant and
Ricotta Slice

This beautiful show stopper of a dish is a great meat-free Monday option. Quite filling and rich, this is a delicious alternative to the usual zucchini slice.

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A refreshing change to the classic tomato bolognese, this is a great pressure cooker recipe generous enough for the whole family.

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Air-fried Chicken

Get your Southern fried chicken burger fix minus the oil thanks to the Easy Fry XXL air fryer. Give it a go and it will definitely be one of the family favourites.

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Grilled Eggplant Salad
with Smoked Almonds

Quick and easy Middle-eastern eggplant salad to get you through the week. Get perfect grilling results thanks to the thickness sensor of the OptiGrill Elite and your salad will be ready in no time.

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Crispy Skin Cod with Yuzu
and Herbed Butter Sauce

French and japanese inspired, this elegant dish has minimal ingredients but maximum results.

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Italian Sunday Gravy

Get ready for an amazing feast with this Italian Sunday Gravy. Two dishes in one pot makes weekend lunch sorted quick and easy.

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Mushroom Wraps

Make lunch more exciting with this great vegetarian lunch idea. One can never go wrong with grilled mushrooms, garlic-butter sauce and melted cheese.

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Crispy, crunchy and super tasty zucchini chips served with tzatziki dip makes a great snack and takes very little time to make.

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Lamb Stew

Spanish-style bean and lamb stew is a delicious slow-cooked dish that will comfort and fill you up during the cooler nights.

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Duck parmentier is a French classic with a modern twist. This mouth-wateringly delicious shredded duck confit topped with sweet potato puree is best paired with a side of salad and a glass of red.

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duck parmentier

Kalette and
Ricotta Galette

Look forward to warmer days and backyard picnic brunch with this beautiful rustic galette.

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Kalette and Ricotta Galette

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