Welcome to the Tefal Testers Club

What is the Tefal Testers Club?

The Tefal Testers Club was created to enable our dear Tefal fans out there to test our latest innovations, for free (or at a highly discounted price)! What do we expect in exchange? Your most honest, objective feedback on the product you test. Whether you like the product or not, we want to know what you think. Simple as that!

Free products

Or highly discounted! So you have full peace of mind to test our products.

Share your voice

Speak out, share what you love or dislike about our products, we'll take everthing on board!

Get more perks

As member of the Club, you'll also get even more goodies, every month...

How to become a Tefal Tester?

1. Join the Club

That's the first, very simple step before becoming a member. But it's an easy one, just fill in a few details about you. Just for us to make sure we are sending the right products to the right testers!

2. Apply for a Test

After you’ve registered on the site and logged in, select a test that you are interested in and apply. We will inform you by e-mail if you are selected to participate in the test.

3. Get your free product

Depending on the type of test you can buy the product at reduced price in our online store - or we will send it to you free of charge!

4. Review & Keep your product

Now that you've received the product, the fun part can start! Use it as you normally, and when are you are ready to share your opinion, you'll just need to fill in your feedbacks in a simple and short online form. Done, you can keep you product forever.

A few details to join the Club

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

To join the club, simply fill in a few details (above on this page), and hit "Submit". You'll receive a confirmation email. You can now apply to any current testing campaign!

Why do I need to register?

Ultimately, we want to send products that are relevant to you. When registering and completing your profile, we’ll ensure that if you're selected you'll receive a product that suits your need, so your feedback will be even more valuable for us.

I'm now a member, how can apply for a test?

A It's really easy, just head out to the Current Tests page, choose the product you are willing to test and fill in your email address. Make sure you apply within the application period, and if selected, you'll receive a confirmation email with the details on how to get your product.

I've been selected for a test, when will I receive the product?

You'll have all necessary details to retrieve your product. Typically, you will receive your product within 7 working days from the moment you claim it online.

I received my product, what do I do now?

Great news! You should now have received a dedicated email with all key steps you should carry during the test. You will also be able to access the feedback and review survey, so you can share your thoughts on the product with us. Remember, be honest!